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Ruby Sets New Auction Record
On April 12, the ruby world was abuzz with the news that a new auction record had been set at Christie's New York. The final hammer price of $2.2 million yielded a staggering $274,656 per carat for the 8.01 ct. gemstone, which was purchased by a private client in Asia. This bested the previous record of $228,252/ct. set back in 1988 with a 15.97-ct. gemstone.

Figure 1. This 8.01 ct. gemstone sold for a whopping $274,656/ct., a new per carat auction record for ruby. (Photo Courtesy of Christie's New York)

    Untreated rubies of this quality and size are exceedingly rare, and demand for them grows ever stronger. The AGTA Gemological Testing Center's Director, Dr. Lore Kiefert, attended the auction and described the piece as "one of the finest rubies I've ever seen." The AGTA Gemological Testing Center is America's premier colored gemstone testing facility. We will regularly provide you with the latest news from the colored gemstone and gemological world.


Reduced Turnaround Time at the AGTA GTC
In January, the AGTA-GTC embarked on a major expansion program. Dr. Lore Kiefert, Richard W. Hughes and John I. Koivula bring a combined 60+ years of gemological experience, adding to the already excellent team of Garry DuToit and Riccardo Befi. This expansion is immediately bearing fruit; turnaround times are now approximately one week.

The AGTA Gemological Testing Center provides the industry and the public with a complete range of lab services, including gemstone identification, origin determination and pearl identification. Located in New York City, the laboratory is equipped with the latest, technologically advanced, investigative equipment. The AGTA GTC is committed to providing excellent service, superior value and outstanding quality. A complete list of services and detailed pricing information is available on our website, www.agta-gtc.org. Please contact us with any questions.

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