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Record-breaking 16,839-carat rough tanzanite found
A massive tanzanite crystal was recently found 270 meters underground in the "Bravo Shaft" of TanzaniteOne Ltd's Merelani Mine in northern Tanzania. The huge crystal weighs 16,839 carat, i.e. more than three kilograms, and measures 22 x 8 x 7 centimeters, practically shoebox size.
     Tanzanite is a beautiful blue-purplish variety of a mineral called zoisite. It was first discovered in the late 1960s and named after the East African country in which it is found. In fact, the world's entire supply of tanzanite comes from Merelani, an area only a few kilometers square, of which TanzaniteOne controls only "Block C." The other three blocks at Merelani are worked by freelance miners.
     TanzaniteOne dubbed the record-breaking tanzanite crystal "The Mawenzi" after Mount Kilimanjaro's second highest peak. Ian Harebottle, TanzaniteOne's president and COO, said, "We were reluctant to name it Uhuru, after Kilimanjaro's highest peak, on the off chance that a larger piece is ever found."
     The company has not yet placed a value on the crystal, which it plans to study carefully and possibly put on public display before deciding whether and how to cut it into polished gemstones. TanzaniteOne Deputy Chairman Ami Mpungwe compared the rough crystal to the famous Cullinan Diamond. He said that after cutting it, the company may name the largest resulting polished stone after Tanzanian President Benjamin Mkapa, and will then put some of the "truly exquisite" polished on display at Tanzania's National Museum.

Tanzanite with miners

This massive tanzanite was recently unearthed at TanzaniteOne's Merelani Mine. Photo courtesy of TanzaniteOne.

tanzanite crystal

A close-up view of the huge tanzanite crystal. Photo courtesy of TanzaniteOne.

AGTA GTC launches new incentive program
The AGTA Gemological Testing Center (AGTA GTC) has created a new incentive program for non-AGTA member clients. The AGTA GTC Associate Program gives customers access to discounts on laboratory services. The Program demonstrates the AGTA's continued commitment to developing and serving a strong partner network within the industry.
    The AGTA GTC Associate Program was developed for laboratory clients who do not qualify for AGTA membership, but would like to receive member preferred pricing. For a $1,000 annual fee, participants in the AGTA GTC Associate Program will receive a significant discount on laboratory services.
    "Since we announced the AGTA GTC Associate Program, interest has been fantastic," said Dr. Lore Kiefert, Laboratory Director for the AGTA GTC. "Loyalty is a two-way street. By rewarding our clients with this new incentive program, we believe we'll gain even greater loyalty and more repeat business from them."
     If you have any questions regarding the AGTA GTC Associate Program, or the preferred pricing you will receive, please contact the AGTA GTC today.
     The application form and fee schedule can be downloaded below.

Shwewar Yee

Shwewar Yee

Meet Our Staff: 
Shwewar Yee – Office Manager
Shwewar was born in Yangon, Burma (Myanmar) and obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Information Technology from the University of Central Lancashire in the UK. As she is interested in business management since she was young, she went to the Business School shortly after she graduated. She later gained a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Birmingham, also in the UK.
     Prior to joining the AGTA GTC in June 2004, Shwewar gained extensive customer service and management experience from a soap manufacturing company, where she worked as an Assistant Manager for over two years.
     In her current position as Office Manager of AGTA GTC, Shwewar has found the perfect opportunity to blend her prior academic and business experience. She creates a fun working atmosphere with high productivity and efficiency her top priority. Most importantly, she strives to build excellent customer relationships, while delivering the fastest possible turnaround time.

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