AGTA Brand

The American Gem Trade Association is known worldwide for its strong stand for business integrity and ethics, its representative knowledge vault of information and research about gemstones and cultured pearls, its scientific laboratory equipped to serve a broad array of needs, its industry leadership and volunteer leadership as well as its professional staff.  Collectively these qualities formulate the strength of AGTA's brand.  They personify the attributes of best of class business practices which AGTA ascribes to and encourages our Members to use on a daily basis.

AGTA, in June of 2007, launched a new brand image characterized by descriptions of "The Authority in Color," commitment, leadership, trust and integrity.  These new age, yet traditional terms and values, will be graphically illustrated in all AGTA material and messaging.  The directional refinement noted in the new brand image is a reaffirmation of the Association's commitment to its members, its future members, its world-renowned professional reputation and scientific research and gemological testing.

While the institutional packaging of the Association will appear to be exciting and different, the value proposition for membership remains constant and reaffirmed.  AGTA is committed to learning more about needs of members, expectations of potential members and trends in the business world, industry and fashion that will have an impact on our members.  Our brand will illustrate a paramount of strength representing the interests of the gemstone industry whether opposing injurious situations or advocating for opportunities that are present or can be created.

Pioneering innovative environments for the wholesale and retail markets, AGTA is the recognized leader in the gemstone industry.  We are The Authority in Color™.