Editor Event & Media Exposure

This past year showcased the importance of the AGTA Spectrum Awards™, not only for winners, but for entrants in general.  As a result of our Editors’ Event, several pieces were chosen for photo shoots and magazine covers, including JCK, Jewelry Business, and Modern Bride.  Three Spectrum Award-winning pieces were worn on the red carpet at the Academy Awards®.  Many pieces were also considered for a Warner Bros. movie project shooting this summer, with a number of pieces eventually chosen.  Platinum Guild International also provides tremendous value-added media packages to all Platinum Honors winners.

AGTA invests significant resources to promoting the winning jewelry to the consumer and trade media, as well as stylist in movies and television.  AGTA hosted dozens of editors, bloggers and stylists at its annual Editors Event in New York City, and as a result 2010 has seen unprecedented coverage of Spectrum Awards pieces, both winners and non-winners alike. At the event, the attendees saw all of the entries and often choose jewelry for photo shoots that did not win.  In fact, when we polled the editors, the piece that they liked the best, a champagne diamond tassel necklace by Evelyn Clothier, had not placed in the competition.


Spectrum Awards collection jewelry graced the covers of Modern Bride Connection twice, JCK magazine, and Canada’s Jewellery Business magazine. Several pieces were chosen as “The Best Jewelry Designs of 2009” by Brides.com, including rings by Aaron Henry, J.W. Currens and Ricardo Basta. Blogs and websites, such as MyItThings.com, LAStory.com, Portero.com, also spread the word about the beauty of the collection. All the winning pieces were featured in several trade publications.

For the 2010 Oscar week, the AGTA Spectrum Awards™ featured entries at the StyleLab Academy Award Red Carpet Jewelry Preview in Beverly Hills, CA. The jewelry was selected with input from stylist and television commentator Michael O’Connor of Style & Substance, Inc. A total of 17 Spectrum pieces were chosen for the collection, including designs by Ariane Zurcher, Ashleigh Branstetter, Erica Courtney, Evelyn Clothier, J.W. Currens, Omi Gems, Paula Crevoshay, Samuel Getz, Suna Brothers and Yael Designs.

Three Spectrum Award-winning pieces were worn to the Oscars, with two of the designs chosen by Oscar winners. Mauro Fiore, who won the Oscar for cinematography for “Avatar”, chose London blue topaz cabochon and diamond cuff links set in platinum by Ashleigh Branstetter. The Ashleigh Branstetter cufflinks were a Spectrum Awards winner for Manufacturing Honors in the Men’s Wear category Bob Murawski, who won the Oscar for editing of “The Hurt Locker,” wore blue sapphire slice platinum cuff links from Basser and Bigio. The Basser and Bigio design was awarded First Place, in the Men’s wear category.

Yael Designs' "Lava" earrings featuring black and white diamonds, a Manufacturing Honors winner in the Evening Wear category of the Spectrum Awards, also graced the red carpet. The earrings were worn by Oscar-nominee "District 9" Dan Kaufman's date.

"This was a great opportunity for AGTA, the AGTA Spectrum Awards™ and the individual designers to get some incredible exposure at a very high profile event," AGTA Chief Executive Officer Douglas Hucker said. "The collection featured a beautiful palette of colored gemstones, woven into amazing designs by our Spectrum Awards entrants."

The buzz did not stop there. The collection was featured on several pre-show blogs. Furthermore, two pieces were chosen for a magazine photo shoot - Ashleigh Branstetter's diamond slice earrings and Ariane Zurcher's multi-colored bracelet. The photos appeared in the May issue of Florida International magazine.

As you can see, just entering the competition has its benefits, whether you win an award or not. The exposure is incredible. Winning an AGTA Spectrum Award™ is an achievement that is recognized throughout the industry and has elevated many designers to new heights. 

So, take advantage of the opportunity that the AGTA Spectrum Awards™ offers you and enter your work this year.