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Our Members come from all corners of the industry. Whether you are a colored gemstone dealer, retail jeweler, jewelry manufacturer, jewelry designer or an associated industry professional, Membership in the AGTA establishes you and your business as professional and trustworthy in the eyes of your customers.

Any company primarily interested in promoting consumer awareness of colored gemstones can apply for AGTA Membership.

Wholesale Natural Gemstone & Cultured Pearl Supplier
Download a Wholesale Natural Gemstone and Cultured Pearl Supplier Application.
Companies qualifying for this type of Membership must maintain an inventory of 50% or more of loose colored gemstones or cultured pearls at the wholesale level. Additional requirements include that the company have been based in the United States or Canada for at least five years and the Member representative must have maintained a permanent office, of his/her own, in the United States, or Canada, for at least two years immediately preceding application for membership. During that time, half of their business must have been in unset natural colored gemstones or cultured pearls at the wholesale level.

Annual Dues: $1,000.00

In order to qualify for Membership in the following categories, companies must have been established for at least two years immediately preceding application for Membership and supply goods or services to the jewelry industry.

Download a Member Application.

Associated Industry Professional
A company or individual who is involved in the industry such as appraisers, gemologists, gemological laboratories, lapidaries and others along this same line of operation.

Colored Diamond Dealer
A company that supplies natural or enhanced fancy colored diamonds.

Estate Dealer
A company that is operating in the estate and antique jewelry business selling colored gemstones and cultured pearls.

A company that designs and/or produces jewelry pieces using colored gemstones or cultured pearls.

A company or individual selling colored gemstones or cultured pearls directly to the end-user.

Annual Dues: $350.00

Introductory Member
Download a Member Application.
A new company that has been in the retail jewelry business selling colored gemstones or cultured pearls for at least one year. After the company has been in business for two years, the company will qualify for one of the above Memberships.

Annual Dues: $300

Student Member
Download a Student Application.
Any person involved in a formal program relating to the study of gemology including natural colored gemstones and cultured pearls qualifies for Student Membership. Student Members are eligible to receive Membership for three years from the date the individual is accepted for Membership. The Student classification of Membership can be renewed annually throughout your industry schooling and for two years after completion. After being an AGTA Student, we encourage you to continue your AGTA Membership. (Companies that have been in business for over a year are ineligible for Student Membership).

Annual Dues: $50.00

The Membership application forms are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. If you cannot view the files, you may need to install the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. Visit the Adobe Reader download page to get the reader.