The foremost benefit of Membership is the greater level of confidence your customer gains knowing that you uphold the highest standards and ethics by belonging to the AGTA. AGTA Membership does have its privileges. The AGTA delivers products and services to help grow your colored gemstone and cultured pearl business.

AGTA Identification
Increase customer confidence by proudly promoting your AGTA Membership. AGTA supplies each Member with a certificate, window clings and the AGTA logo. AGTA Members are encouraged to display their certificate and window clings and to use the AGTA Member logo on business invoices, memos, business stationery, advertisements, web, etc.

mbr Retailers' Reference Guide (RRG)
AGTA continuously strives to provide you with the best educational tools and programs to help you sell more color.  The RRG is a 132-page comprehensive book designed to provide a better understanding of Diamonds, Colored Gemstones, Pearls and Precious Metals.  Beautifully illustrated, the RRG combines Key Fact Guides that act as a quick reference guide, as well as full chapters covering each category in full detail.  The RRG was developed by the World Jewellery Confederation (CIBJO), of which AGTA is a member, and the RRG sells for $100.  AGTA provides each Member with one free copy of the RRG.  To purchase additional copies at the reduced price of $50, please use the order form or contact


The 2011 AGTA GemFair™ Tucson Seminar DVD contains 27 seminars from GemFair Tucson on a variety of subjects by some of the industry’s leading speakers. The format is in a new technology that combines audio recording synched with the presenter's PowerPoint presentation. AGTA Members receive a free copy.


AGTA eLearning Plaform
One of the primary missions of the American Gem Trade Association is to provide information and education to help sell more colored gemstones and cultured pearls.  AGTA also believes that the greatest need for this education exists on the front lines with the sales associates who work directly with the consumer.  With this in mind, AGTA has created an online elearning platform to provide quality, affordable educational modules on colored gemstones and pearls. 

As a benefit of membership in AGTA, each member company will get five FREE registered users. Additional staff members will be $25 per person.  Non-member companies can get an annual subscription to the platform for $350 for up to five staff members, then $75 per additional staff member.  For larger companies, please contact Adam Graham – – for volume pricing.


Retail Kit**
AGTA Retail Members receive a fantastic point of sale display. Contents include:

  • a display case to show 12 Birthstone cards
  • two brochures: A Guide to Colored Gemstones and Gemstone Enhancements: What You Should Know Brochure
  • 20 royalty free images


Add More Color To Your Life Retailer and Appraiser Locator**
AGTA's fashion driven web site is dedicated to educating the consumer about colored gemstones and cultured pearls. The site features the hottest trends, gemstone-adorned celebrities and your company. Retail and Appraiser Members are featured on the "Find a Gem Professional" page on

In-Case Jewelry Display**
The AGTA, in conjunction with Pacific Northern, has developed a new in-case display specifically designed to feature colored gemstone jewelry and cultured pearls. The new display incorporates elements that show colored gemstone and cultured pearls products to their best advantage. In addition, AGTA has developed a new series of in-case signage that is included.

For more details contact


**Retail Member Exclusives

Point of Sale Products
Colored gemstone sales begin with AGTA Marketing Products. Members receive preferred pricing on our large variety of marketing materials including the Birthstone Collection GemCards and stock photography program. Please click here to view and order products.

Prism and ePrism
Our quarterly Newsletter and weekly eblasts keep Members informed about all the hot topics surrounding our industry, gemstone and jewelry fashion and the AGTA. An annual highlight of Prism is the full-color photo spread of AGTA Spectrum Awards™ winners found in the Winter issue. Please click here to see our latest edition of Prism. Click here to see our news archive.


Members Only Forum
AGTA Members can access the Members Only Forum by clicking on the red "Members Only Forum" button on the lower left side of home page. Once registered, Members can read and write posts in thirteen different categories, including topics such as Education, Trade Shows, Marketing, Government Affairs, Security Alerts and Spectrum Awards. This site provides AGTA Members a higher degree of privacy to discuss AGTA and trade-related issues.

AGTA Customizable Email Newsletter Program
AGTA has developed a cost-effective, customizable email newsletter program that you can use to get your message out to your current and potential clients. This email newsletter program allows you to incorporate your brand image, personal stories and current specials. The newsletter also includes pre-written stories of interest to your target clientele, positioning you as a source of key information on trends, fashion and related news.

The email newsletter is available in a B2B version for suppliers and in a B2C version for retailers. It is supplied in HTML and TEXT formats that can be sent out by the Member company. If the Member does not have the technical ability to send out a large email blast then we can facilitate sending and email list management.


  • 3 Months - $450 ($150 per month)
  • 6 Months - $800 ($133 per month - $100 savings)
  • 12 Months - $1500 ($125 per month - $300 savings)
  • Email list management and delivery (if requested):  $40 per 10,000 names.  $5 per block of 1,000 names after.

To sign up for the AGTA Email Newsletter Program, please contact or call AGTA at 800-972-1162. Order Form


Money-Saving Programs
Through AGTA, our Members have access to top-tiered programs to grow their business and enhance their success. Members can take advantage of our newest Member Benefit with Bank of America Credit and Debit Card Processing Solutions. Or contact our insurance program for a free quote on coverage. Click on the links form more information.




Gemological Institute of America Savings
AGTA Members now receive a 10% savings when enrolling in a Distance Education Course or related lab classes at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). GIA's Distance Learning program is comprised of at-home course work and/or lab and online courses, covering colored gemstones, diamonds and jewelry sales.

American Gemological Laboratories Discount
AGTA Members receive a 10% discount on any gemstone reports from the American Gemological Laboratories.
Phone: (212) 704-0727
Fax: (212) 764-7614


Source Directory
The AGTA Source Directory makes it easy for gemstone and jewelry professionals to get the information they need to purchase gemstones, jewelry, products and services from ethical and reliable suppliers─ AGTA Members! This is a powerful tool that gives industry contacts access to a valuable network of fellow gemstone professionals. Over 20,000 copies are distributed! AGTA Members receive a FREE listing in this invaluable resource as well as a complimentary copy. To receive your copy of the AGTA Source Directory click here.

Online Source Directory

The AGTA has developed a searchable, web-based Source Directory that will make it easier for buyers to find AGTA Members and their products online. The site includes all of the pertinent contact information and product listings from the printed AGTA Source Directory. This new site is more dynamic, updated more often and gives you quick information right over the internet. Users can search the following fields below to locate an AGTA Member:

  • Company Name
  • State/Province
  • City
  • Country
  • Country
  • Last Name
  • Products and Services
  • Gemstone

Click here to Search Now!

Trade Shows
By joining the AGTA, qualified Members are eligible to exhibit in AGTA trade shows including the premiere colored gemstone event AGTA GemFair™ Tucson, AGTA GemFair™ Las Vegas, the Smart Show and the JA Summer Show.

Exclusive Advertising Opportunities
Exclusive Advertising Opportunities
AGTA Members receive exclusive advertising opportunities in the AGTA Source Directory, Prism, ePrism and the Official Show Directory for AGTA GemFair™ Tucson.

Gem Industry Guide
AGTA Members receive a free listing in the Gem Industry Guide, an online sourcing guide open to all of the gemstone and jewelry industry. Within the Gem Industry Guide, online searchers will be able to easily locate products and services unique to the industry without the clutter of a general Internet search engine. Users will have the option of performing keyword-driven searches, or a category-specific search. Both methods will produce the most industry relevant results on the web.