About Our Membership

The AGTA is made up of more 1,100 Members in the United States and Canada, representing the leading colored gemstone and cultured pearl wholesalers, industry professionals, colored diamond dealers, estate jewelers, manufacturers and retailers.

AGTA Members are proud to uphold the highest ethical standards in their business practices, agreeing to the Association's strict Code of Ethics and an unwavering commitment to appropriate and precise disclosure of gemstone enhancements. This commitment to professionalism elevates the AGTA Members and sets them apart from the competition. It is well documented that consumers have greater confidence in purchasing from jewelers who are affiliated with Associations that are committed to ethical behavior and consumer protection.

AGTA Membership provides professionals with the education, resources and networking opportunities needed to add value to their businesses. The AGTA delivers products and services to help grow your colored gemstone and cultured pearl business.

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