“Pygmaeos gigantum humeris impositos, plusquam ipsos gigantes videre.”
Dwarfs on the shoulders of giants see further than the giants themselves.

Stella Didacus (Diego de Estella) [1524–1578]

Nothing is created in a vacuum, we are all a product of those who have come before. And so it is with the AGTA GTC and this website. While talk is cheap, we'd still like to shoot our mouths off a bit.
     First, a bit tip of the hat must go to the members of the AGTA who have donated their time with the hope that our organization can represent all that is good about these wonderful treasures we are privilged to handle, while keeping at bay those who would taint our nobel trade. These people are far too numerous to name, but for a good sampling, just check the latest list of the Board of Directors.
     And now let's get more specific. The first Director of the AGTA GTC, Kenneth Scarratt and his lovely wife, Sriurai, certainly deserve thanks for setting up a rock-solid organization, one that will stand the test of time.
     In this task, they were ably assisted by a number of people. See our staff page for full details on our AGTA all-stars.
     And the entire organization of the AGTA has provided valuable assistance and feedback, including Doug Hucker and Elizabeth Ross. Let me also mention the help and advice from Lore Kiefert, Barbara Lawrence, Rick Krementz, Patti Geolat, John Emmett and Eric Braunwart.
     I could go on and on. But among the multitudes, there exist a few who have gone above-and-beyond the call of duty. They are:

  • Lisbet Thoresen – Formerly of the Getty Museum in Los Angeles, Lisbet donated days and days of her time and expertise to help me create what you see. And she did it all for no renumeration, simply because she likes helping others. How great is that?
  • Kelly George – Head of IT at the AGTA headquarters in Dallas, Kelly has always been there with a solution when things have gone wrong.
  • David Hughes – Okay, he's my brother, but he is living proof that there is something in those genes. I owe it all to him. He was instrumental in the creation of the look-and-feel of this site (see Dogskinreport.com for a sample of his design talents).

Thanks again to all of you.

Richard W. Hughes

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