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The ABC's of AGTA GTC Lab Reports

Most of us would never consider making a sales presentation of an important diamond without the support of a lab document. Clients respond positively to these reports and have even come to expect them. In fact, the use of laboratory reports elevates everyone's confidence. The customer feels secure in seeing the pertinent information in writing, while sales associates have all the information they need to support the statements they make about the gemstone.Considering that lab reports are such a natural and accepted part of the diamond sales presentation, isn't it about time that you considered the benefits of introducing them when making colored gemstone or cultured pearl sales?

The reason AGTA GTC reports are important is as easy as A-B-C:

A is for Authentication
AGTA GTC reports detail all pertinent characteristics of a gem, including weight, measurements and cut. Not only does this serve to authenticate the stone in the future, but it simplifies the creation of appraisal documents. This ensures the client is thoroughly protected and will receive a gemstone of like kind should a loss or damage occur.

B is for Birthplace
In today's market, there can be vast differences in price depending on a gem's place of birth. Was it born in a Swiss factory or a Sri Lankan jungle? And even if natural, what about country-of-origin and the presence or absence of treatments? AGTA GTC reports represent a precious stone pedigree, putting the customer at ease.

C is for Confidence
Unlike cars, computers or real estate, for many consumers the purchase of jewelry is a journey into the unknown. AGTA GTC reports serve as a map, providing confidence to both buyer and seller.

sapphire report

Summing up
The purchase of any jewel should be a rewarding and comfortable experience. Using the AGTA GTC Gemstone Report as an integral part of the sales presentation gives the client confidence because all important characteristics of the gem are available in writing, a method the consumer prefers above all others. This peace-of-mind allows customers (and sales associates) to focus on an even more important letter in the alphabet:
D, which stands for Desire.

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