Michael Couch & Associates was Robbed

Michael Couch & Associates, an AGTA Member of West Des Moines, IA, was robbed October 3, 2007. The contents included finished goods with mostly fancy sapphires set in 18K gold. Some gemstones have diamond accents. Most of the melee sapphire in these pieces are laid in a rainbow pattern. This merchandise carries their trademark =R=B=S=J=. There was also a large selection of loose gemstones stolen. Please click here for a list of stolen items.

Some of the pieces taken from the October 3rd robbery in Glenview, IL have turned up in the Chicago area with the trademark still on the pieces. Glenview police detectives have determined that a man known as Tony operating out of an office in New York City on 47th Street sold 22 pieces of stolen rainbow sapphire jewelry to a wholesale jewelry supplier in the Chicago metropolitan area.

If there are any questions about quantities of jewelry or gemstones available for purchase from an unknown or unusual source, please contact Michael Couch & Associates directly at 515-256-0445. If any of these items come into your offices, please contact Michael Couch so the authorities may be called. Michael Couch & Associates is offering a reward for information that leads to the arrest of the robbers and/or the return of the stolen goods.

For additional information, please contact Joyann Cooke at the AGTA at 800-972-1162 or