1 April,  2008

Tanzanite Foundation Establishes a Relief Fund

Flooding in Tanzanite Mining Area due to Torrential Rains in Tanzania, East Africa

Merelani in Northern Tanzania has experienced severe rainfall over the last serveral days and as a result has caused flooding in the tanzanite mining area. This area is divided up into four blocks - A, B, C and D. TanzaniteOne operates Block C in world-leading safe and ethical mining conditions.

Indications to date are that six artisanal miners from neighboring mines have been confirmed dead with a further number reported missing.  No employees of TanzaniteOne have been injured or trapped in these floods.   TanzaniteOne is spearheading the flood relief rescue operation in conjuction with Barrick Africa and is assisiting the governement and the Tanzanians to rectify the situation. 

The Tanzanite Foundation intends to raise funds to assist with post relief aid. To contribute to this worthy cause, please contact Hayley Henning at the Tanzanite Foundation New York at +1 212 575 3020 or


Tanzanite is a rare and precious blue-violet gemstone found only at the foothills of the Majestic Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, East Africa. 1,000 times more rare than a diamond, tanzanite is becoming one of the most sought after gemstones of modern times.

The Tanzanite Foundation is a non-profit, industry-supported organization that was established with the aim of placing social responsibility at the heart of all its industry practices, encouraging the development of a tanzanite industry free from exploitation, and ensuring that local Tanzanian communities share in the rewards that the tanzanite industry earns.

Hayley Henning
Tanzanite Foundation
T: 212 575 3020