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June 26, 2009


AGTA Offers Members Special Pricing Incentive at GTC
The American Gem Trade Association in an effort to assist their Members in this very difficult business environment is providing Special Purchase Prices for lab services at the AGTA Gemological Testing Center (GTC).

The AGTA GTC is extending this offer exclusively to all AGTA Members in appreciation of the support they have shown the AGTA through their 2009 Membership dues and GemFair Tucson booth fees.

For example, if a Firm Member paid $1,000 in dues and $5,000 in GemFair Tucson booth fees, for a combined total of $6,000, AGTA will apply half of the dues and booth fees toward the purchase of up to $6,000 in laboratory reports, making the net cost $3,000. The regular price of each individual report will be reduced by 50%. Members who do not exhibit in Tucson, as well as AGTA Retail members, will receive the same Special Purchase Price package. For example, a Retail Member would be able to purchase $350 (annual dues) worth of AGTA GTC reports for $175.

This tremendous Member Benefit not only adds value to their Membership but to their inventory as well. AGTA GTC colored gemstone reports are one of the most powerful selling tools Members have to increase customer confidence in the company and the product.

"We know times are challenging right now, and this is our way of helping each and everyone of our Members generate more business," states Douglas K. Hucker, AGTA CEO. "It is also our way of saying ‘Thanks for the support you have shown to the AGTA."

Note: The Special Purchase Prices Member program is a limited time offer and is only available to AGTA Members in good standing. For a summary of the money spent on Membership and booth fees, please contact Joan Allen at the AGTA office in Dallas at 800-972-1162 or



AGTA Spectrum Awards Call for Entries
The American Gem Trade Association is accepting entries for the annual AGTA Spectrum Awards and Cutting Edge Awards competition through September 25, 2009. All AGTA Members are encouraged to participate.

The Spectrum Awards competition highlights jewelry design featuring natural colored gemstones and cultured pearls. Winning pieces are displayed at GemFair Tucson and are frequently showcased on covers of trade and consumer magazines. Winning an award in this competition is considered one of the industry's most esteemed honors due to the rigorous judging process and caliber of entries.

All entries submitted will be displayed at a media event where magazine editors, fashion stylists, producers and costume designers will be in attendance. This is a great opportunity for all designers, both aspiring and acclaimed, to put their designs in front of some very influential people in fashion.

Your official invitation for the 2010 Spectrum Awards will arrive very soon!

For additional information regarding entry forms, rules and conditions, dates, judging and eligibility, please contact 800-972-1162 or visit


AGTA Customizable Email Newsletter Program
Have you ever thought about getting involved in email marketing, but didn’t want to invest the time or money to produce a professional-looking newsletter? AGTA has developed a cost-effective, customizable email newsletter program that you can use to get your message out to your current and potential clients.

This email newsletter program allows you to incorporate your brand image, personal stories and current specials. The newsletter also includes pre-written stories of interest to your target clientele, positioning you as a source of key information on trends, fashion and related news.

The email newsletter is available in a B2B version for suppliers and in a B2C version for retailers. It is supplied in HTML and TEXT formats that can be sent out by the member company. If the member does not have the technical ability to send out a large email blast then we can facilitate sending and email list management.

3 Months - $450 ($150 per month)
6 Months - $800 ($133 per month - $100 savings)
12 Months - $1500 ($125 per month - $300 savings)
Email list management and delivery (if requested): $40 per 10,000 names. $5 per block of 1,000 names after.

To sign up for the AGTA Email Newsletter Program, please contact, call AGTA at 800-972-1162 or download an order form.


Visit AGTA Pavilion at JA NY Summer Show
The American Gem Trade Association will once again host a pavilion of colored gemstone and cultured pearl suppliers at the JA New York Summer Show, July 26-28, 2009. AGTA exhibitors have had a presence at the JA Show for over twenty years.

The AGTA Colored Gemstone and Cultured Pearl Pavilion provides buyers with the opportunity to purchase a wide variety of gemstones and pearls from the most respected dealers in the industry. Buyers can also shop with confidence knowing that all of their transactions with AGTA Members are backed by the AGTA Code of Ethics.

AGTA Colored Gemstone and Cultured Pearl Pavilion Exhibitors:

James Alger Co., Inc. 1464-1466
American Gem Trade Association 1669
Colorline, Inc. 1563-1565
Creative Beads, Inc. 1575
D. S. L. Pearl, Inc. 1569
Kanchan Impex, Inc. 1578-1677
The Kay El Company, Inc. 1461-1463
Malhotra, Inc. 1462
Oriental Gemco, (NY) Inc. 1662-1761
Pala International, Inc. 1661-1663
Royal Gems, Inc. 1570-1574
S & S Gems, Inc. 1464-1466
S. P. B. Gems, Inc. 1472
Shaun Gems International, Ltd. 1561
Vista Gems 1471-1473
White Cloud Co. 1665
Yen's Jewelry & Accessories 1562-1564



Sapphire Inclusion Postcard and Holiday Card
Looking for an interesting event or holiday card? This stunning image of a natural sapphire inclusion will be sure to attract attention and create conversation. It is available in an oversized 5x7 postcard, perfect for events or special offers, or as a folded holiday card for wishing your clients the best of the season. In both formats, there is substantial room to have your custom message printed by your printer.
Postcards - $20 per pack of 100
Holiday Cards - $25 per pack of 50 cards (including blank white envelopes)


A Guide To Colored Gemstones Brochure
We have just refreshed this valuable point of sale brochure by adding a new cover, new images and updating the text. The brochure is 16 pages of buying information and gemstone photography. This is a great resource for sales associates and as an informational brochure to give to clients.
$25 per pack of 50 brochures

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